Research program / since 2018

As part of my master in futures studies, I develop a research program built around residencies, workshops and other related activities at the crossroads between futures studies, art, and political activism. I intend to research in an open exchange process with artists, social practices and citizen initiatives, within the broad framework of “Future as empowering discourse/tool in contexts of activism”. I’m especially interested in creative tactics of reframing in the arts and social contexts, as they somehow find matches in futures research methods. Building on both fields, I wonder how a creative futures method could look like – and what futures it would produce.

16 – 26 October 2018: Autumn Artist Exchange residency at Ponderosa (DE)

September 2018 – May 2019: following various campaigning initiatives in relation to the European Elections 2019 (European Alternatives, Diem25, European May…)

Ongoing: Exchanges with artists from the performing arts field on speculative and alternative futures (October 2018: Krassen Krastev and Christopher Füllemann,  Ponderosa artists, …).