Cultural evaluation / since 2016

Stemming from my activities as cultural manager, I was approached in order to conduct evaluations and surveys for Swiss dance organisations and subsiding bodies.

“Dance Promotion in Switzerland – Panorama Dance 2017” for National Culture Dialog / 2018

The National Culture Dialog coordinates public cultural policies at a national level (cities, cantons, state) through various working groups at both political and administrative levels. On behalf of its Dance Group, and with its support, I conducted a survey of more than 60 public funding bodies and as many dance venues and festivals which led to the writing of this state-of-the-art report. This first state of the arts in the discipline provides the basis for policy recommendations to be addressed to the same subsiding bodies. After a period of consultation, the report was published in August 2019.  Read more in the news.

Read the press communique and download the report in French | German | Italian

Internal evaluation “Swiss Dance and Theatre Awards” of Federal Office of Culture / 2016

On behalf of the Federal Office of Culture, I conducted the intern evaluation of the Swiss Dance and Theatre Awards after the three-years pilot period. It consisted of a survey addressed to the Awards’ laureates. The findings provided the Federal Office of Culture with an evaluation of the benefits and impacts of the Awards within both artistic sectors and fed into the Awards’ new concept.

Internal evaluation and vision assessment of the dance season “Evidanse” for the Association Interjurassienne des Centres Culturels (AICC) / 2016

On behalf of the Association Interjurassienne des Centres Culturels (AICC), I carried out an internal evaluation and vision assessment of the dance program “Evidanse” set up together by six cultural centres and a professional dance organisation. Taking the form of a two days workshop with the seven program’s partners, the space for reflection led to a redefinition of the program and its partnership structure.