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An exercise in adressing the future critically

Lecture-workshop | 1.45min (can be reduced to 1h) | contact me if interested
This lecture-workshop is built around two parts: the first part is aimed at deconstructing the common sense built around the future as conceptualized in a Western perspective; the second part aims at reconstructing another concept of future, thought of as a process in the making.

VERSIONS SPECIFIC TO EACH CONTEXT AT: 23.10.18 at Ponderosa, Brandenburg (DE)| 10.03.19 Virtual Viewpoints – 12-week on-line course with Deborah Black | 5-6.04.19 Human Living Center#2 at Inkonst, Malmö (SE) | 25.05.19 at Communitism, Athens (GR) Continue reading “An exercise in adressing the future critically”