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taking part in the Autumn Artist Exchange at Ponderosa (DE), October 17 – 26, 2018

The Autumn Artist Exchange is a three-week open residency happening at Ponderosa in Brandenburg, north of Berlin, from October 8–26, 2018.

This time of the Autumn Artist Exchange is offered as an opportunity for artistic work and research in a collaborative environment, together with other participants.
The Autumn Artist Exchange will be sharing space at Ponderosa with two other parallel residencies — Tipping Utopia and Garden as Stage.

Ponderosa is an art centre, a community, and a place to gather and exchange. It is located in the German countryside, in the village of Stolzenhagen, around an hour on the train from Berlin, close to the border with Poland. Ponderosa is well-known for its P.O.R.C.H. summer school, the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival, the Ponderosa Artists-in-Residence program, and the Ponderosa kitchen and gardens.” –

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participating in foraus’ Policy Kitchen, October 2, 2018

foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy has developed Policy Kitchen, an original concept for addressing pressing global political issues in a participatory setting, based on the belief in the power of collective intelligence. The Policy Kitchen is a crowd-sourcing platform, which brings together experts with anyone who wants to participate, and fosters the co-creation of original solutions for change. During automn 2018, foraus focuses on Biodiversity, leading to seven “Policy Cooking Days” in Switzerland and abroad.

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working with choreographer Krassen Krastev / 2017 – 2019

Currently, I assist choreographer Krassen Krastev in the development of his next project with management, touring and dramaturgy help. His new production premiered at Arsenic in Lausanne in February 2019.

_DSC1931© Johanne Morrison-lightFor this new creation, Krassen Krastev is working with the visual artist Christopher Füllemann, who designs the scenography and performs together with the choreographer.

This choreographic piece draws its inspiration from various entertainment traditions such as cabaret, burlesque and musical review. These make visible the social fabrication of bodies and genders. Driven by a tension between the present and an undetermined future, the piece exhausts the norms related to the body and sexuality. It opens a new horizon of utopia, infinitely declining the potentialities of a hybrid and constantly changing body, the result of a cluster between the male, female, biological and technological poles.

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Counsel (voluntary) / 2016 –

I counsel young dance artists (political context, management, touring) on a voluntary basis in order to pass on the knowledge earned over the years. My knowledge is mainly focused on the Swiss context but I’ll be happy to help further if I can.
Feel free to contact me (even if you are an established artist)! Finally, please note that the offered help is not meant to take someone’s job.