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working with choreographer Krassen Krastev / 2017 – 2019

Currently, I assist choreographer Krassen Krastev in the development of his next project with management, touring and dramaturgy help. His new production premiered at Arsenic in Lausanne in February 2019.

_DSC1931© Johanne Morrison-lightFor this new creation, Krassen Krastev is working with the visual artist Christopher Füllemann, who designs the scenography and performs together with the choreographer.

This choreographic piece draws its inspiration from various entertainment traditions such as cabaret, burlesque and musical review. These make visible the social fabrication of bodies and genders. Driven by a tension between the present and an undetermined future, the piece exhausts the norms related to the body and sexuality. It opens a new horizon of utopia, infinitely declining the potentialities of a hybrid and constantly changing body, the result of a cluster between the male, female, biological and technological poles.